A few Landscape Design tips to create an enticing garden

A few Landscape Design tips to create an enticing garden

Landscaping the home is one of the important tasks that one has to undertake while designing the interiors. Often people tend to overlook the lawn while focusing entirely on the insides. But we can’t forget that the entrance or the exterior helps build one’s impression about the home. It is equally important to have a well-maintained lawn just as it is important to keep the interiors good looking and clean.

Green cut grass, shrubs and plants that spread color and joy, trees surrounding the property offering shade and respite are stuff every dream home is made of. But not every home presents a picture similar to it or not all the time. We come across homes with run down landscapes. Sometimes an abandoned home might turn into an eyesore with its sorry landscaping where the soil has turned into light dirt. Can we do something about this sodden lawn? The earth has enough space that can be looked after by us with some amount of care for that bears us good returns as well.

By constructing a landscape that is eco-friendly and pleasing to the eyes, one is contributing to a greener space on this earth.

Homes are bounded by fences. The cost of landscape restoration is higher than landscape remodeling. Good landscaped lawns do much more than just make it appear beautiful. There should be a well planned, highly efficient drainage system, controlled water distribution system, taking care of water that collects during heavy rainfall or over time resulting in soggy lawns conditions.

  1. A curve is always graceful – A landscape looks gracious with the sweep of a curve. The eyes just follow it around. By designing a flower bed that beds around the garden corners, you invite people to explore. The flowers add color and the garden looks enticing.
  2. Using the Japanese technique of miegakure or ‘hide and reveal’, one can make a small outdoor space appear larger. If you make a view partially obscured, it encourages people to go around to see what lies beyond since the mystery of the hidden is always enticing. A partial view always creates curiosity to move forward and see what lies ahead. Plant leafy plants or trees strategically around the steps or angling a walk to create that element of surprise.
  3. Long View – if you have a pathway that’s long and straight, use it to let the eye follow it to the end. This long view may afford a view of the yard across or down a slope.
  4. Trick the eye to see a long perspective view merge ahead. The farther the view, the closer they seem. Use this visual cue to create a sense of depth in any space. If you have a small space and wish to make it appear longer than it is, slightly angle the line of a walk inward. Use plant beds or pergola to do this. The point is to angle it slightly to appear as a natural perspective.

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